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Yachting Life Magazine
Yachting Life Magazine
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Yachting Life Magazine is an English magazine published 6 times a year. The price for an annual subscription includes delivery to the country of your choice.

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Yachting Life is Britain’s premier magazine about yachting “north of the south.” Yachting Life magazine features sections on racing commentary and Paralympic successes. There are sections on exclusive boat tests and all about racing and yachting in Ireland

At the end of the magazine are classified ads that give all the listings of yachts for sale or ways to sell your yacht. There are venues to sail to, countries that love yachters, and the best in UK sailing.

The premier article is all about the world-class sailing events that Ireland provides. The author writes that working in Dublin on the Irish Youth Nations; he discovered how impressive it is that Ireland can put on incredibly beautiful races and venues even though their economy is suffering. Read about another highly successful event, the Volvo Ocean Race.

Although economies are poor, it is necessary that countries have something to cheer about, and successful races will bring in tourism dollars.

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