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Nexus Magazine Nexus Magazine
Nexus Magazine Nexus Magazine
Nexus Magazine
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Nexus is a well known magazine to bring revealing articles and insightful stories of science & technology, history, environment, ancient mysteries, free energy, religious revision, alternative health, medical breakthrough, body, mind, paranormal and UFOs. The bimonthly offers great information mixed with latest news and updates on various developments from all across the world. The most experienced and expert team of writers and photographers makes the magazine one of the choicest magazine of all time. The featured intriguing articles like “junk DNA” and “the end of MAYAN calendar” are more of global interest than just providing a piece of information. The contents are well researched into the deepest core to bring you the clear picture of the subject matter. The high quality pages of the Nexus magazine also feature the details of various events and conferences along with top researches in the fields of science, technology and medicine.

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