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Computers & Gadgets


Computers & Gadgets Subscriptions

A paper magazine about computers? This seems a little contradictory at first glance. Why not use a computer to find relevant information? Well, some of these computer magazines are our bestsellers, so they must have something going for them.

If you want to stay up to date about the development of the newest hardware, find the most up to date software or read reviews on the latest games, here we’ll try to explain why your best source for this information may not be found in pixels but in ink. 

In this section, we’ll highlight our categories and some of our most popular titles. 

In our category PC & Mac, enthusiasts and professionals alike can find a magazine for the best practices concerning the operating platform of their choice. Despite the title of this category, we offer three magazine subscriptions for Linux users as well (Linux Format is our bestseller!), next to our PC & Mac titles. Among these PC Pro & MacLife stand out and are the recommended choice for the users of these platforms.

In our Games category, Edge &  PC Gamer are the go-to titles for gaming enthusiasts. Retro Gamer has lately become very popular celebrating the world of classic games. The large community of PC flying enthusiasts can further develop their skills by reading PC Pilot on their off-time from the virtual cockpit.

Among our internet magazines, Admin magazine is the most popular title for system administrators. And in our mobile & gadgets category Stuff offers the broadest perspective on gadgets. The Magpi magazine is our most popular title in this category.