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Polo Times Magazine
Polo Times Magazine
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Polo is a highly enjoyed sport among many and keeping this in mind, the Polo Times caters for all those who want to know everything about their favorite. The magazine informs polo lovers and offers relevant news to all sports lovers, from all corners of the world. When you dive deep into the content, Polo Times showcases all the matches that have been held offering in-depth details and highlights. Offering a non-biased opinion about all the exciting parts of the matches, it gives ample space to new talents that are emerging in the sport. Polo Times makes its readers aware of various success stories and helps to increases their reader’s knowledge about their favourite polo players. Readers are also requested to write to the Editor, their views regarding the magazine. Articles that appeal to the Editorial team are then published in the next issue. With this, the personal lives of the sportsmen are always highlighted within the pages. The magazine has stories, facts and articles for its readers and also has a section for those who aspire to be associated with the game.

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