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The Dark Side Magazine
The Dark Side Magazine
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The Dark Side Magazine is an English magazine published 12 times a year. The price for an annual subscription includes delivery to the country of your choice.
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The Dark Side magazine aimed at targeting the readers in the age group of 18 to 35 years! If you are a horror fan, then this is the ideal piece of magazine for you. Horror is one of the most interesting topics in today’s world and more and more people are taking it up at as an interesting field of entertainment. As the publishers call it, Darkside is the magazine of ‘the macabre and the fantastic’. Is supports a huge base of readers, especially the younger people. It features articles based on horror from all round the world. Everything that you would want to know and everything that relates to horror and keeps you entertained is what you get in this piece of read. You are provided information on the horror movies that are making the news at present or even the horror books and stories that are becoming popular day by day. It brings alive the theme of Halloween throughout the year and provides you with all the entertainment.

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