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Zero Tolerance Magazine
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Zero Tolerance Magazine is an English magazine published 6 times a year. The price for an annual subscription includes delivery to the country of your choice.

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Zero Tolerance is a music magazine that features extreme music! Zero Tolerance Magazine covers established extreme artists and underground artists and features those who are not mainstream.

Zero Tolerance seeks out artists who are somewhat obscure and love to experiment in noise music and power electronics. Read the four page section in the magazine entitled Power Lines which is managed, written by, and provided by the editors of this magazine.

Read more about Crust, d-beat, rawpunk, hardcore, punk and dis-core punk. Zero Tolerance Magazine looks for the most underground action in the music world.

There are features with visual artists and music producers and directors and you can read interviews with HR Giger, Dan Seagrave, John Carpenter and Dan Sneap - these are just a few of the off-beat musicians around.

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