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Music Subscriptions

A blast from the past or a flash from the future? You can find everything about the latest and greatest music right here. Every genre is well represented in our subcategories. Here we’ll highlight our bestselling magazines.

Mojo Magazine is our most popular UK publication rivalled closely by Uncut Magazine. Both have a sense of history embedded in their reporting on the latest and greatest bands. Rolling Stone Magazine is the American alternative to both. It is a long-standing publication that reports on much more than music alone, as it includes political coverage among its perspective on popular culture. You can find these magazines and much more on mainstream music in our Pop and Rock categories.

The genre magazines come far and wide. If you’re into progressive rock Prog magazine is our most popular subscription. Jazz lovers will probably like Downbeat. JazzTimes can be a hip alternative or companion to Downbeat. For those deep into alternative music, The Wire offers the most in articles about and interviews with the musicians and producers undervalued by mainstream pop music. Classical Music lovers will likely love Gramophone: The leading publication on classical music in the world. 

And if you’re into Hip hop: XXL magazine will get the tables spinning, the mics rocking and the blood pumping. Hardrock fans will love Decibel, but there are many alternatives in our Metal section. If you like your music loud but a little less heavy, try our Rock category. For Dance and Techno lovers, we advise Future Music.

For musicians and producers Sound on Sound is geared towards music makers and the equipment they use. You can find many more magazines about the technical side of music in our Recording section. Guitar World is our most popular publication for guitarists, closely followed by Total Guitar. If you play bass, Bass Player Magazine is the go-to publication.