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Science & Nature Subscriptions

In our category Science & Nature, you can find magazines on science, history, wildlife & technology. We’ll put the spotlight on the most popular publications here, leaving you to browse through our subcategories to find a magazine on any particular subject you want to shine your scientific light on.

National Geographic magazine is our bestselling publication in the Science category. It is a crossover magazine that is filled with compelling stories about the human endeavour each month. Reconstructing historical events based on the most recent findings in archaeology and predicting what the future will look like based on the latest technological developments National Geographic Magazine offers a fascinating way to understand what (human) life is all about.

Scientific American is the world’s most popular science magazine. It makes the complex new developments in science accessible for a large public. The best scientific papers are represented here distilled to their essence with illustrations that capture the eye and fascinate the mind.

National Geographic Kids is the most popular publication for children. It stands out in its wildlife photography and offers a playful approach that will let your youngster discover the wonders of the natural world. You can find more children’s magazines in our Children category.

Wired USA (also available in the Wired UK edition) is a crossover publication between business and technology and a must-read for anyone who understands that the progress of business is influenced by the latest developments in science. You can find more Business magazines in our Business & Finance category. BBC History is a beautiful publication about history and stands alone in its richly illustrated analysis’ of history’s greatest eras. BBC Wildlife is the most capturing wildlife publication out there, and unique in its excellent coverage and beautiful photography of the animal kingdom.