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Game, set & match! In our Sports & Games category, we’ve got magazines about every sport you can and cannot think of. Our first six subcategories cover sports that require a ball of some shape (or a puck). We’ve got magazines on typical American sports such as Basketball, Baseball, Hockey and American football. But we’ve got the typical British sports here as well, with a broad selection of Cricket and Rugby magazines. More international ball sports like soccer (or as the British say football), tennis and golf are naturally represented here as well. 

Our other categories are endurance sports like running, cycling and fitness & bodybuilding. Furthermore, we’ve got magazines dedicated to martial arts and aquatics here as well. And in our games section, we offer magazines about poker, puzzles and other (tabletop) games.

Since we can’t mention them all we’ll highlight the most popular magazines here. If you’re looking for a specific sport or magazine please browse our subcategories.

Slam Magazine appears six times a year and offers a broad view of the best teams and brightest stars of the NBA and college basketball. 

Thrasher magazine is the most popular magazine among the skateboarding community. It offers the best reporting on the captivating world of skateboard culture. 

Sports Illustrated magazine is the best publication for the American Sports lover and without competition in this field. 

Golf Digest magazine is our most popular golf magazine, though we’ve got many alternatives in the Golf category. 

Fans of the game of soccer can choose the more internationally oriented World Soccer or Four Four Two with its focus on the premier league. Of course, there are many other magazines about the world’s most popular sport, all of which can be in our soccer category.